Contracts and the Constitution

Contracts and the Constitution.

The Constitution is a contract. All contracts/agreements have obligations. When a person gets a job with or is elected to government their oath of office is agreement to honor all the obligations in the contract. The limitations and duties spelled out in the Constitution are the obligations.
Look at it this way. If I hire a kid to mow my lawn and tell him he must cut the front and back, clean the sidewalks and driveway before he gets paid then those are his obligations that he has agreed to before he can get paid.
So all contracts have obligations and those obligations are the laws of the contract. So in the aforementioned lawn mowing contract/agreement the laws are as follows:

1. mow front yard
2. mow back yard
3. clean sidewalks
4. clean driveway (this is why air blowers are used, only takes a few minutes)

Now I think the Constitutional contract worked fairly well up until the uncivil war. The people that were responsible for the uncivil war did not like it when the Constitution worked well because they had no power other than bribing politicians but the politicians had a hard time violating the Constitution because the courts were honest and Common Law ruled the day. The first class Citizens (Capital C) of the several states of the Union were generally peaceful and respectful other than a few Indian wars that were horrific. Andrew Jackson was not the good man people like Alex Jones want you to think he is. He slaughtered Indians and forced marched the Florida Indians in what became known as THE TRAIL OF TEARS. And he was in bed with the jew bankers but that is another story for another time.
So what happen was that after the smoke had cleared and hundreds of thousands of brave men and woman lay slain on the battlefields the 13th Amendment was passed outlawing involuntary servitude/slavery.1 Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation was just that, a proclamation with no force or effect of law. Made to make the tyrant Lincoln look good in the eyes of fools. So now the argument was that the slaves were freed by the 13th Amendment but they had no rights. Which was a lie of course.2 The Liber Code and marshall law is also a story for another time.
Now the solution put forth was to create the 14th Amendment to give rights to the newly freed black folks. Evidence affirms that this amendment was never properly ratified. But what it did was it created a new class of citizens (small c) which were second class citizens. The free white people were still under Common Law but the newly freed Black folks fell under the 14th Amendment. Alot of Black folks took this opportunity to contract with their former masters, get credit from the company store and go into debt which many never recovered from. The new South had arrived. In law these new second class citizens were classified as “persons” not people per the 14th.
Now during the Great Depression while millions of Americans were basically on their knees the Social Security Act made everyone that signed up who wasn’t already a second class citizen a second class citizen. Because all the previous Black second class citizens were also wards3 of the Federal Municipal Corporation that was created by the Organic Act of 1871. And the Social Security Act was a retirement program for federal government employees who are second class citizens because they waived their first class Citizenship when they became servants of the people that created the Constitution in the first place. So if you are a holder of a SS# you are considered by law to be a ward of the government, also an employee of the government under Title 5 of the United States Code which is titled GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION AND EMPLOYEES, and therefore are eligible for all the benefits that government has to offer. And by accepting these benefits you are obligated to obey all the laws that government has to offer. This is the trap that destroys your sovereign status and your unlienable rights promised to you at birth by the Creator. Slick right.

Police are just braindead policy enforcers of these statutes/laws/obligations.

If you are so called second amendment patriot you had better wake the fuck up NOW.

Most if not all of the above can be verified at: and Sovereign Education and Defense Ministry.

I don’t claim to know everything and this piece was mainly taken from memory so feel free to comment and correct me if I am wrong.

A large portion of us are guilty to a certain degree. Taxpayers have a high degree of guilt as they voluntarily fund this madness. I became a NON-TAXPAYER because I did not want to shoulder this guilt. I have been to the congressmans office twice this year by myself and once with another person when I actually got 15 minutes with the congressman.I preach to everyone who will not listen to reason as finding those that will listen are few and far between. And since I could probably do more I still shoulder some guilt. But I try to keep it at an absolute minimum as I like to sleep at night.

geoffrey-franklin : finn
Counselor at Law,
Citizen of one of the states of the Union,
All Rights Reserved without Prejudice.


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