Why Did Russia Bomb the Crap out of Syria Directly After the Paris Attacks?

TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

Afghanistan (DU, hundreds of thousands dead in the longest war in U.S. history. check.

Iraq (1.5 million dead, DU everywhere). check. Libya (tens of thousands dead, DU used). check. Iran neutralized. check.

Syria (nuke bombs used)…up to bat….in the cross hairs and set to be destroyed.

Just two days after France President Hollande declared all out war on the U.S./Israeli/Jesut made up Isis allegedly existing in Syria,

Does anyone care that we mass murdering brown skinned people en masse, who have done nothing wrong? Anyone?

Russia, just three days after the Paris bombings, went in and bombed the mass killing crap out of Syria.

What you didn’t read about the mass killings by Russia, doing the dirty work for France?.  Just like you didn’t hear about the alleged (everything ‘terrorist’ is alleged these days)

Why? Isn’t Russia the “big  bad bear” who Western States are still locked in a silent…

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