Congressman Ted Yoho Supports Zionist Agenda of Domestic Terrorism

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Tea Party No Match For Zionist Terrorism

The article following this video exposing Rep., Ted Yoho’s coziness with AIPAC and Israeli terrorism was originally posted in September, 2013.

In 2015-2016, the rabid Netenyahu Zionist extremist movement has created a clear constitutional crisis where actions of the US Congress are actually promoting fears of terrorism inside the United States.

President Obama has lost almost all credibility with his staged mass shootings as pretext to control, disarm and eventually confiscate personal firearms from law-abiding Americans just as fears of domestic terrorism present an acute need for personal firearm protection from, so-far, imagined terrorists.

Originally posted September, 2013.

Will Congressman Yoho Tell the Rest of Us What He Told the Israeli Lobby?

AIPAC’s notice of the Yoho meeting in Gainesville stated:

AIPAC, JCNCF,B’nai Israel, Shir Shalom, UF Hillel, Chabad of Gainesville & Gators for Israel present “A View from Capitol Hill to the Golan Heights” featuring Congressman Ted…

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